For the Love of… June Collective

for the love of… everything beautiful  //  Denise Saba

for the love of… June  // Devon Hall

for the love of… appreciating the beauty of life after the storm  //  Holly Awaad

for the love of… long leisurely weekends in the sun  //  Alec Mills

for the love of… bubbles  //  Sarah Landa

for the love of… brothers  //  Kelly Sutton


For the love of…March Collective


For the love of…fathers that are there to hold, guide and be apart of their story.// Denise Saba


For the love of…keeping them babies.// Kelly Sutton


For the love of…seeing light with your heart when all your eyes can see is darkness.// Holly Nicole.


For the love of…your innocence and the hope you hold on to it forever.// Devon Hall


For the love of…a week off of school to frolic and play.// Sarah Landa


For the love of…the fuzzy, delirious newborn days.// Alec Mills

For the love of…February Collective


For the love of…afternoon light falling on his sweet face.// Denise Saba


For the love of…embracing the mystery and beauty of a foggy winter day.// Holly Nicole


For the love of…growing up too fast, but still getting stuck in your shirt.// Kelly Sutton


For the love of…this boy.// Sarah Landa


For the love of…special days, just him and I.// Devon Hall


For the love of…summer…and evening river swims.// Niki Boon

For the Love of…December Collective

For the love of… beach days on vacation in the middle of winter. // Alec Mills

alecFor the love of…all things pretty drenched in light. // Denise Saba

deniseFor the love of…thirty-seven. // Devon Hall

devonFor the love of…winter light. // Holly Nicole

hollydecFor the love of…passing down the “how-tos” and traditions. // Kelly Sutton 

kellyFor the love of… climbing as high as he can…every damn time! // Sarah Landa