About the Artists

“For the love of…self.”

Holly Awwad

Michigan Based Photographer

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For the love of my family. French vanilla coffee in my Minnie Mouse mug. Kisses from my babies. A glass of red. Capturing the moments closest to my heart to keep them locked up forever.


Denise Saba

The Gold Coast, Australia Based Photographer


For the love of sweet giggles, smelly nappies and early morning wake ups. Fresh coffee first thing in the morning without any interruptions. Light and shadow. Creating Art and becoming lost in it. Life, fresh air, sunny skies and sounds of ocean. Being blessed in a country where we have a voice and a vision.


Devon Hall

British Columbia, Canada Based Photographer

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For the love of sunshine. A cup of tea on a slow morning. A good pair of jeans. Art. And most important love; my family.”


Sarah Landa

Seattle, WA Based Photographer

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For the love of… Tanner and Ruby, my 4.5 year old twins, my muses, the loves of my life. Home and family, I’m happiest when I’m with my people. Photography! my first and most constant passion. Nature. I grew up surrounded by trees very near the ocean. To live on a farm, near the sea, or deep in the trees would be bliss. Travel. I haven’t done nearly enough but there’s still time.


Alec Mills

Seattle Area Based Photographer

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For the love of… a peaceful quiet moment in the trees. A great book and the time to read it. My husband and daughter, my home and my heart. Laughter. Great Chocolate, home cooked meals and sharing it with those you love.


Kelly Sutton

Southern California Based Photographer

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For the love of… anything which grants a moment’s recess from the nonstop pace of life–the first few sips of a good cup of coffee, on a quiet morning. Road trips with a soundtrack of favorite songs, or This American Life. All things horses. My favorite bands, playing my favorite songs, live. An unexpected snuggle hug, from one, or all, of my forever loves. Finding new light.

kelly sutton_selfportrait-1

Niki Boon

Blenheim, New Zealand Based Photographer

facebook | website

For the love of wide open spaces, windswept beaches, hilltops and warm summer winds. The word freedom and everything it stands for. My family, unconditionally. The power of a photograph to move someone emotionally, to capture a moment in time, to communicate deeply without words. Everything else.

Cousins at home





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