For the love of…May Collective

For the love of… starting the day playing in the sun.
~Holly Awwad~

For the love of… light and shadows and weather warm enough for the togs to come off. ~Sarah Landa~

For the love of… joyful and sunny moments between the storms.
~Alec Mills~

For the Love of… days that feel like a crazy blur of one day clear memories.
~Kelly Sutton~

For the love of…being present. Stuck amongst these fleeting, crazy, delicate and most beautiful moments of life. ~Devon Hall~

For the love of… simple pleasures, only a mother would know.
~Denise Saba~

For the love of…Autumn thistle flowers.
~Niki Boon~
Niki - April 2016

for the love of… August collective

kelly sutton_forthelove-1

For the love of… the last light of long summer days. ~ Kelly Sutton


For the love of… Summer sunsets and windblown hair. ~ Devon Hall


For the love of… long summer days, feeling trapped and free.

~ Sarah Landa


For the love of… light and shadow. “You need to spend time crawling alone through the shadows to truly appreciate what it is to stand in the sun.”

~ Denise Saba


For the love of… water and endless summer adventures. ~ Alec Mills

Cousins at home

For the love of …. Winter beaches and childhood freedom. ~ Niki Boon


For the love of… wildflowers and summer sunsets. ~ Holly Awwad