For the Love of… June Collective

for the love of… everything beautiful  //  Denise Saba

for the love of… June  // Devon Hall

for the love of… appreciating the beauty of life after the storm  //  Holly Awaad

for the love of… long leisurely weekends in the sun  //  Alec Mills

for the love of… bubbles  //  Sarah Landa

for the love of… brothers  //  Kelly Sutton


For the Love of… October Collective

0a8a7725-monofortheloveofFor the love of…a new season with these two //  Devon Hall

sarahlFor the Love of… dads.  //  Sarah Landa

for-love-ofFor the love of beautiful souls and freedom of expression  //  Denise Saba

hollyoctFor the love of… summer gently fading into a golden autumn.  //  Holly Nicole

23weeks-kitchenfloor-2for the love of… savoring the little moments  //  Alec Mills

20160824-720a5068For the Love of… together.  //  Kelly Sutton

For the Love of… July Collective

For the love of ….. cold winter days discovering inside amusements.  //  Niki Boon

Niki - For the love of

For the love of…the ocean.  //  Sarah Landa


For the love of…the little brother; finding his voice and making sure it is heard loud and clear.  //  Devon Hall


For the love of… letting nature and discovery be your summer-school teacher.  //  Holly Awaad


For the love of  – A daddy and his little girl. Moments like this will always be close to the heart.  //  Denise Saba

for the love of

For the love of… summer vibes.  //  Alec Mills


For the love of…staying up past bedtime on warm summer nights.  //  Kelly Sutton

Kelly Sutton_FTL_July12016-1

For the Love of… March Collective

For the love of…the freedom to pass our days as we please, this last year, before our new life begins.  //  Sarah LandaSarahMarch

For the love of – low lights and total attitudes.  //  Denise SabaCatchnkiss-3

For the love of… leaving space to create.  //  Alec MillsFeelingofWater-3

For the love of… warm summer evenings at the beach.  //  Niki BoonNiki Boon

For the love of… Winter days that feel like Spring, and the warmth of golden evening light.  // Holly AwwadHollyMarchFTL

For the love of….Motherhood. The love and innocence of children in times of anxious uncertainties.  //  Devon HallFortheloveofMarch

For the love of… time suspended in a magical place.  //  Kelly SuttonKellySutton_FTL_March2016-1

For the love of… January Collective

CatchnkissFor the love of… Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others. // Denise Saba

DSC_8834-4_edited-1For the love of being caught in the middle of being a child and a woman… new beginnings on the horizon… the dawn of a new chapter in life. // Holly Awwad

FerryRain-Sol-1For the love of…the ferry and the coming changes. // Alec Mills

IMG_1674 fortheloveofcopyFor the love of…being the special lady in these beautiful boys’ lives. // Devon Hall

Niki BoonFor the love of …… cool rivers on hot summer days. // Niki Boon

Sarah_JanFor the love of…yearly fave. // Sarah Landa

KellySutton-1For the love of… a life as weightless as a feather. // Kelly Sutton

For the Love of… October Collective

CatchnkissphotographyFor the Love of… hair twirls and a young girls day dreams  //  Denise Saba


DSC_2399_edited-1For the love of… movement. The wind moves her as the sun moves beneath the horizon to end the day, and the cool air moves in to turn summer to fall. We love our evenings together. Her time with only me. Our time.  //  Holly Awwad


IMG_4316 mono for the love ofFor the love of… Great Grandpa, safety googles & chocolate chip cookies  //  Devon Hall


20150707-OB7A3500For the love of… a quiet, still moment  //  Kelly Sutton


Lakeswim-above-1For the love of… birthdays and family getaways  //  Alec Mills


SarahL-1For the love of… Love and generosity, of the sibling variety  //  Sarah Landa


Niki Boon - OctoberFor the love of… sweet spring wildflowers  //  Niki Boon

for the love of… july collective

for the love of… LIGHT

In our world lived behind the lens, light is magical.

The sight of soulful light pulls at all our fluttery parts, from our toes to our heart, and sends our head spinning with moments of promise.

We trust it to convey our mood, speak our thoughts, lift our spirit, and steady our shaky hands.

We breathe it in. We pause. We breathe it in once again. And then we continue on our way.

Always in search of the light.

~kelly sutton

 Thank you for sharing in a small part of our world lived behind the lens. xo


Devon Hall

SarahSarah Landa

Denise_FTL-JulyDenise Saba

for the love_flare-flowerstreeKelly Sutton

Alec_FTL-July_2Alec Mills

Niki_For the LoveNiki Boon

Holly_FortheloveHolly Awwad