For the Love of… November Collective

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For the love of… fall evening light. // Kelly Sutton


For the love of… fall color. // Devon Hall

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For the love of… nuturing new life. // Niki Boon


For the love of… two hearts beating as one. // Denise Saba


For the love of… embracing the spooky side of life. // Sarah Landa


For the love of… finally going home. // Holly Nicole




For the Love of… October Collective

0a8a7725-monofortheloveofFor the love of…a new season with these two //  Devon Hall

sarahlFor the Love of… dads.  //  Sarah Landa

for-love-ofFor the love of beautiful souls and freedom of expression  //  Denise Saba

hollyoctFor the love of… summer gently fading into a golden autumn.  //  Holly Nicole

23weeks-kitchenfloor-2for the love of… savoring the little moments  //  Alec Mills

20160824-720a5068For the Love of… together.  //  Kelly Sutton

For the love of…September collective

For the love of…letting a spark of creativity reignite your passion.

Holly Awwad


For the love of…light setting in magical ways.

Denise Saba


For the love of…camping and beautiful trailer light.

Devon Hall


For the love of…old dogs with new tricks.

Sarah Landa


For the love of…long long summer nights in the backyard.

Alec Mills


For the love of….. lazy spring afternoons.

Niki Boon

Niki Boon

For the love of… summer on a school day.

Kelly Sutton

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For the love of…August Collective

For the love of…winter warm days and sunny blues. // Denise Saba

For the love of

For the love of…dreaming of the day this cornfield will be the place we call “home”. // Holly Awwad


For the love of…summer nights on the front porch. // Alec Mills


For the love of…fun uncles. // Sarah Landa


For the love of…tiny little hands around your neck. // Devon Hall


For the love of…little stinkers. // Kelly Sutton


For the love of…winter leaves. // Niki Boon

Niki Boon August

For the Love of… July Collective

For the love of ….. cold winter days discovering inside amusements.  //  Niki Boon

Niki - For the love of

For the love of…the ocean.  //  Sarah Landa


For the love of…the little brother; finding his voice and making sure it is heard loud and clear.  //  Devon Hall


For the love of… letting nature and discovery be your summer-school teacher.  //  Holly Awaad


For the love of  – A daddy and his little girl. Moments like this will always be close to the heart.  //  Denise Saba

for the love of

For the love of… summer vibes.  //  Alec Mills


For the love of…staying up past bedtime on warm summer nights.  //  Kelly Sutton

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For the love of…May Collective

For the love of… starting the day playing in the sun.
~Holly Awwad~

For the love of… light and shadows and weather warm enough for the togs to come off. ~Sarah Landa~

For the love of… joyful and sunny moments between the storms.
~Alec Mills~

For the Love of… days that feel like a crazy blur of one day clear memories.
~Kelly Sutton~

For the love of…being present. Stuck amongst these fleeting, crazy, delicate and most beautiful moments of life. ~Devon Hall~

For the love of… simple pleasures, only a mother would know.
~Denise Saba~

For the love of…Autumn thistle flowers.
~Niki Boon~
Niki - April 2016